The Marion Villa was carefully designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings, while befitting the most discerning travelers

Sustainability Features:

  • All ground surfaces are permeable to allow the natural percolation of rainwater. In particular, grass pavers were used in the driveway in place of asphalt
  • Xeriscaping (native or adaptive planting) was used to ensure water-efficient landscaping, maximize “cool zones” and reduce heat-buildup
  • Rainwater runoff is contained on site and used for landscape irrigation
  • Sanitary fixtures and appliances are all low-flow, or water-efficient
  • Potable water is stored in concealed tanks on-site so as to permit uninterrupted water access
  • Wastewater is treated in a septic tank, filtered and absorbed back into the ground
  • Appliances, including air conditioning units, are all energy-efficient
  • All lighting is LED or compact fluorescent
  • The villa’s external lighting is soft with cut-off sensors to minimize disruption of the natural, coastal environment
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound), high albedo paint/finishes used to minimize toxicity and maximize heat reflection (vs. absorption)
  • Recycled composite wood and sustainably harvested wood used in construction, as well as locally quarried stone