Disconnect from the world you left behind and plug into Mother Nature


A drive around Tobago’s coastline will uncover pockets of tranquil, pristine beach – dozens of them. And though all remain unspoiled, they are each unique in their own right.

A short stroll from The Marion Villa’s back yard, nestled within the bay and accessed only by the 55 stone steps that lead to it, is Bacolet Bay, a tranquil haven and long-time playground of the rich and famous.  The Beatles and Princess Margaret both frolicked here in the 40s. The beach also served as the filming location for Walt Disney's Swiss Family Robinson in 1960, starring John Mills, and Fire Down Below three years prior, starring Rita Hayworth and Robert Mitchum, who frequently vacationed there together.

On the action-packed Southwest coast sits Pigeon Point Heritage Park, home to Tobago’s iconic Pigeon Point Beach, named one of the World’s 100 Best Beaches by CNN in 2013. The kayaking, jet-skiing and watersport hot-spot is also a departure point for glass-bottomed boats heading to the world famous Buccoo Reef – dubbed "a sight to behold" by Jacques Cousteau – and Nylon Pool, the 2.5 foot-deep natural, ground-coral pool that sits in the middle of the sea.

On the more remote, Northeast tip of Tobago, boats depart from Speyside beach for snorkeling and diving excursions around the world’s largest brain coral (10 ft. high and 16 ft. wide). Head along the Leeward coast and you’ll find Man o War Bay beach, Castara Bay and Englishman’s Bay, hailed by many as the most beautiful beach in Tobago.


In the Caribbean, Tobago's biodiversity is unparalleled. Kayaking through mangroves, diving, snorkeling and hiking along the island’s mountains through the rainforests bring travelers within close view of natural habitats for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, most notably the endangered leatherback turtle, which nests on the beaches of the Leeward coast during the summer months.

Just a twenty-minute drive east of the Marion Villa, a moderately challenging hike along a low-impact trail teeming with exotic flora and fauna leads to Argyle Waterfalls – a natural waterfall where a picturesque, nature-made, freshwater pool awaits.

Just next door is the entrance to the 9,780-acre Tobago Forest Reserve - the oldest rain forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere (conservation efforts have been underway since 1776). It’s a prime bird-watching destination, but adventurous visitors can also hike or ride mountain bikes along the trails.